Re: Formalin Disposal Question

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YES. Firms that cart away so called red bag waste are typically NOT licensed with the EPA to transport Hazardous Chemical Waste.
You may have heard the term 'cradle to grave responsibility" for harm to the envrionment due to inappropriate handling of hazardous chemical waste.

Your facility would suffer severe penalties if a mishap were to occur and the firm carting the red bag waste could easily take the position that they had no knowledge of what was placed into that waste stream. 
Although inconvenient to separate off the formalin first, it MUST be done.

This is not controlled by state regulation. Environmental issues are federally mandated and regulated.

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Should formalin solution be disposed of befor releasing tissue to a company 
for waste disposal? Does this vary based on the State in which disposal takes 
place? Or would the responsiblity lie with the waste disposal company?
Donna Green HT (ASCP)
ECM Hospital
Florence, Al

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