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Hi. My name is Terry Mattoon and I work at the VA Med Ctr in White River
Jct, Vt.
I've been recycling formalin for years by using a B/R Instrument Formalin
I have been very happy with this product.  We had to make a few
modifications to avoid handling it too much.  We are checked frequently
by our Safety Officer for formalin exposure and our ppm have always been
below the allowable amount.  Formalin is relatively inexpensive to use
but the problem comes when you try to get rid of it.  It's very
expensive!  The residue that is left after we recycle is less that 1%. 
That's my advice!
As far as tissues go, we filter our formalin into a collection receptacle
that we keep in  an area that is vented underneath a Shandon Gross Lab. 
Our deaner dumps formalin along with the tissues into a colander which
collects the tissue but allows the formalin to be collected for
recycling.  He then dumps the tissue into a red bag which goes to the
incinerator.  Hope this information helps.

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:01:32 EDT writes:
> Should formalin solution be disposed of befor releasing tissue to a 
> company 
> for waste disposal? Does this vary based on the State in which 
> disposal takes 
> place? Or would the responsiblity lie with the waste disposal 
> company?
> Thanks
> Donna Green HT (ASCP)
> ECM Hospital
> Florence, Al

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