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Jim, Ann Priest book shows how to embed; so does Lee Luna;  I think Dezna
Sheehan may have some as may Frieda Carson.  Please check all of these out.
Sharon Osborn

Jim Ball wrote:

> Is there any literature on the market that shows how different tissues
> should be orientated in a block for proper cutting. I have been a tech for
> 25 years and have always taken great pride in having tissue orientated and
> embedded properly. The hospital I am currently working for the techs seem to
> only be interested in packing the molds with the as much tissue as possible,
> not to mention the chaotic arrangement of the tissue. I had only experienced
> this phenomenon before with pathologist trying to over fill cassettes. I
> really believe some one should put out a chart showing a properly cast skin
> sample, a gall bladder, a colon specimen, etc. I'am sure you have all seen
> the charts they use at repair garage when they bring out one of you spark
> plugs and compare it with a plug on a chart and tell you your motor needs
> rebuilt.
>      I can stand there all day and argue with them, but I would first like
> to have some visual as well as written evidence to back my arguments. I seem
> to remember the AFIP manual having some drawings of how tissue should be
> arranged, but if anyone has any other sources they wold like to share I
> would be in your debt. I won,t go in to the practice of putting the blocks
> on ice trays and leaving them in the freezer for any where from 15 to 30
> minutes before retrieving for sectioning. Should any one wish to do a chart
> I can furnish a ton of pictures on how not to embedd tissue.
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