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FYI--the 4th edition of the CDC.NIH manual: Biosafety in Micbiological and
Biomedical Latoratories (if you'd like a copy contact the Government
Printing Office at (202) 257-3318, or write to : Superintendent of
Documents, U.S. GPO, Washington, D.C. 2042) (the stock number is
017-040-00547-4) now recommends  waste be autoclaved at 132 C for 4.5
hours or incinerated.

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000 wrote:

> Fellow histologists: recently someone had asked about CJD and how to 
> decontaminate after it...PLEASE be careful...."It represents an extra danger, 
> however, because it remains infectious even after treatment with most 
> detergents, formalin, tissue processing to paraffin blocks, or agents that 
> degrade DNA or RNA. This agent can be inactivated by phenol, by 5.0% sodium 
> hypochlorite (CLOROX bleach-full strength) and by autoclaving at 121 degree 
> centigrade and 20 psi for 60 minutes. Some researchers believe similar agents 
> may remain infective even after the above treatment." CJD is a prion. it is 
> not alive but lives on...... (the quote was taken from a lecture at NSH 
> meeting 1999 by Jerry Fredenburgh/ Richard Allen Scientific. 

	Pam Dilbeck
	Immunohistochemistry Section
	Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

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