Re: Clean Areas, again

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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:"Einfalt, Ginny" <>, histonet <>
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    Regarding your statement ...
"I was told that "contamination" was visible blood or body fluid ..."
    I have heard similar things from our safety officer and I just wanted to
kick his ... (OK smack him)! Anyone who has ever taken an entry level
microbiology class knows darn well that such a foolish statement is very likely
to cause a huge nosocomial epidemic. I may be a "germ phobe" but this is why
sci fi movies like "Outbreak" are so popular, because it is possible for this
to happen.
    If ever there was to be a highly infectious disease to go around, lab
techs, nurses and doctors would be the front line of infection in most
communities with this mindset of if I dont see it then it is not there. Pasteur
and Koch would be rolling in their graves!
Amos Brooks

"Einfalt, Ginny" wrote:

> Thank all of you histonetters for your input about what you do with your OR
> requisitions.  This all recently became an issue again because a secretary
> complained that techs walk through the office with blue labs coat on.  The
> secretary went to the Safety rep who reprimanded the techs.  When I brought
> up the requisition issue, I was told that "contamination" was visible blood
> or body fluid ... which I think is ridiculous and gives a false sense of
> security to office staff who believe their area is "clean".  Often, these
> people eat at their desks... I would think there would be some sort of
> liability if one developed hepatitis, etc.  I know with all the budget
> crunching we won't be able to go to 2 ply requisitions and I hate to
> contaminate a copier, but it seems the only answer.
> Again, thanks
> Ginny Einfalt

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