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Hello Again, Ginny,
This seems to be a much bigger issue than we realize. I'm now trying to
figure out what to do with our situation - we have 3-part requisitions with
the billing codes on them (original, pathologist professional billing and
our hospital/technical billing) - we certainly are caught in the budget
crunch, too, so changing these is most likely not an option, at this time.
Each part of the requisition goes to a different place - our files, data
processing and a billing office in another city. Yikes! We thought we were
pretty "smart" making the photocopies, but, obviously,  that's only a good
start. Funny thing, we had a CAP inspector, a pathologist, think it was a
really neat idea to do that, and he said he would pass along the idea.We are
not computerized yet, but I will definitely bring this issue up in our next
dept. meeting. At this point in time, I think the copier would be the most
likely candidate for contamination/decontamination, also.
We handle a lot of specimens from  physician's offices and  clinics - who
knows how they were handled - just how "clean" they are?(And we thought
getting the req. filled out correctly and completely was our biggest
Until I figure this all out, I may strap on a holster with dual cans of
Lysol! ( I live out in the rural West - it may not look as weird as it
sounds!!!) Perplexed, but Determined (to find the answers-most likely
through Histonet!) - Shar
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"Einfalt, Ginny" wrote:
> > Thank all of you histonetters for your input about what you do with your
> > requisitions.  This all recently became an issue again because a
> > complained that techs walk through the office with blue labs coat on.
> > secretary went to the Safety rep who reprimanded the techs.  When I
> > up the requisition issue, I was told that "contamination" was visible
> > or body fluid ... which I think is ridiculous and gives a false sense of
> > security to office staff who believe their area is "clean".  Often,
> > people eat at their desks... I would think there would be some sort of
> > liability if one developed hepatitis, etc.  I know with all the budget
> > crunching we won't be able to go to 2 ply requisitions and I hate to
> > contaminate a copier, but it seems the only answer.
> >
> > Again, thanks
> > Ginny Einfalt
> >

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