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> Can you explain to me how this code could possibly have a professional
>  component???
>  Hazel
Code 88311 does indeed have a professional and technical component.  See Medic
are RBRVS:  The Physician's Guide, published by the AMA, ISBN 1-57947-028-9.

The professional component is generally regarded as the physicians component 
or interpretation.  I think this is a throw back to the old days when the 
pathologist routinely determined 'end-point' of decalcification.  These days, 
as we all know, this is rarely done by the pathologist.  Regardless it is 
still done.  

If you were to ask a young pathologist to determine the end-point by chemical 
means he might very well have the look of a deer caught in the headlights.  

In the current CPT under 'Pathology and Laboratory Guidelines'  it states, 
"Services in Pathology and Laboratory are provided by a physician or by 
technologists under responsible supervision of a physician."

Next point.  The first several pathologists I worked with could also sit down 
at the microtome and cut their own slides.  Things change.

Matt Bowers
Lab Manager
Visalia Path. Med. Grp.
126 S. Floral
Visalia, CA

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