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We are using the following procedure:	

	30% Hydrogen Peroxide - Sigma #H1009 or equivalent.
	Peroxidase Type II from Horseradish - Sigma #P8250 5,000 units.  Use
ONE 29 mg bottle per 10 liters of waste.


Use appropriate PPE for this operation.  Patient specimens and all materials
coming in contact with them should be handled as if capable of transmitting
1.	For each 10 liters (1/2 of the 20 liter container), add 6 ml of 30%
Hydrogen Peroxide. 

2.	Reconstitute two vials of Peroxidase Type II with 5 ml of distilled
water.  Add the entire contents to the container.  Let stand for 24 hours.

3.	After 24 hours, set up the filter paper and the wide mouth
container.  Begin filtering small amounts of the waste thru the Whatman
filter paper.  When a filter becomes clogged, dispose of in the Biohazardous
red bag containers.  Continue to filter until all the waste is filtered.
The liquid filtrate can be flushed down the drain with copious amounts of
running water.  The used filters must be disposed of in the Red Biohazardous
materials container.

4.	The Liquid Coverslip fluid remaining in the 20 liter container is
absorbed on absorbent materials and disposed of in the 	Red Bagged Hazardous
Materials container.

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> I am using both the Ventan ES for immuno and the Nexes Special Stain
> Module
> . I sure would appreciate any feedback as to how users are  disposing the
> waste from each instrument. Thanks, Jim Fessler Pennsylvania Hospital in
> beautiful downtown Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love!)  

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