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Trisha,  We have used this "peel and stick" method for awhile now and have
found it very useful, not only for lost blocks but repair of broken slides,

1.  Soak slide in xylene to remove cover slip.
2.  Remove cover slip and wash slide in clean xylene.
3.  Cover section with a generous amount of Harleco Krystalon (Liquid
coverslip) [EM Diagnostic Systems Inc. Gibbstown, NH]
4.  Note: It is essential that a thick meniscus of Krystalon is created over
the tissue to prevent cracking of the section upon its removal.
5.  Allow the Krystalon to set overnight at room temp.
6.  Soak the slide in tap water overnight in a refridgerator.
7.  Using a clean, sharp razor blade, pry the Krystalon loose from the
slide, the tissue section will come off, attached to the Krystalon.
8.  Mount the fragment on a silane-coated slide, cover with paper towels and
press with lead weights to ensure good attachment (or stack heavy books on
top of paper towels) and leave overnight.
9.  Soak slide with section in xylene to remove the Krystalon for 15 to 20
10.  Wash in absolute ethanol.
11.  Now the slide can be stained as usual.

Ref:  H Battifora, XXII International Congress of the International Academy
of Pathology and 13th World Congress of Academic and Environmental
Pathology, Oct 18-23, 1998.

Good Luck!!


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> Hi friends,
> I have lost a block.  I have sections from it on slides that didn't hold
> up during  
> the brdu process, tissues came off the slides. The slides were ones that I
> had
> coated myself with silane.  Now I have the super plus slides I bought and
> wanted to cut some sections using them to see if we could get the tissues
> to stay on them..alas, lost the block.
> Is there any way to transfere the tissues off of the first slides on to
> the second slides or some treatment of the first slides with the tissues
> on them that would help prevent the tissues from falling off?
> Thanks,
> Trisha  

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