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From:Jim Ramsay <>
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		I agree, for reliability the VIP's are hard to beat! We have
used the VIP 2000 and the newer E 300 series and have been delighted with
their performance.
		Jim Ramsay
		Perth Royal Infirmary
		Phone 01738 473629

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			It's hard to beat the VIPs! 
			Joyce Weems
			Pathology Manager
			Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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				Hello fellow workers,
				Here is your big chance to brag...
				I would like to hear from those out there
that really love there
				processer, and I'd like to know what year,
make and model and 
				brand it is, our lab is in the market for a
new one. 
				ASAP I need to hear from you.  Thanks for
the help.

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