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If your are using metal base molds and you are referring to paraffin blocks, all 
you have to do is cool down really well before attempting to remove the block 
from the mold. Paraplast is also better than ordinary paraffin wax as it is less 
brittle. In fact we do not coat ours at all, we just keep them warm to melt off 
excess wax and wipe.
Another hint is to really fill up the mold with the molten wax so that when the 
cassette is placed on top, the wax flows through the holes and fills up the 
cassette as well. In this way you don't get air bubbles trapped under the 
cassette. In case you still do just tap lightly to dislodge them.
That's all I can think of at the moment. Good luck.

St.Luke's Hospital

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