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I never have this problem. I never "Clean" (wash) my molds, never spray or
treat them in any way.
The molds are kept in the hot holding area of the embedding center in
vertical rows on paper towels
to help soak up the melted paraffin after embedding. Maybe it is the type of
paraffin. Is your cold plate cold enough? Mine goes down to -5C to -7C
daily. I hope you find the problem.

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> Hi Histoland!  I need help. 
> What can I do to keep my base molds from sticking to my blocks?  We clean
> them in xylene and then soap and water.  We air dry them.  We treat/spray
> them while they are clean with Histo Prep after they have air dried.  I
> give them a good coating when I use the Histo Prep.  The larger molds are
> usually good for one use.  On the biopsy molds, they stick every time.  It
> doesn't matter what I do.  
> We have bought some of the plastic disposable molds, but they slow
> embedding down for me.  
> Does anyone have a clue what the problem is?  Does anyone know what I can
> do?  Please help!
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