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	Saponin from Quilaja Bark. From The Merck Index "Quillaja Saponin.
The saponin of quillary bark.Kobert published in 1923 that the total saponin
content of quillary bark is 9-10%. the saponin is built from qualaic acid, a
sugar and possible other substances. Amorpphoris, deliquescent powder which
causes sneezing when dispersed in the air. Freely sol in dil alcohol. Foams
easily when shaken with water, the foam being relatively stable. Use:
shampoo .iquids. formerly used internally in bronchitis externally as a
detergent and local irritant"
	In Immunohistochemistry it will permeablize the cell membrane. Have
used it with cytokine staining. Must be made up fresh each time.
	Okay its saturday and i had to wait for blocks to cool!!!!
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