RE: bone marrow aspirates

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From:"Becky Scholes" <>,
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Russ - I used that "loo paper" when I traveled in England, and I agree that 
it probably would work great for bone marrow aspirates.  In fact, that is 
probably the ONLY thing it should be used for!  I was so taken aback by the 
quality (or lack of), that I brought a sheet home with me for my scrap book. 
  You people from the UK must have cornified bottoms!

Becky Scholes
Ia. Path. Assoc.
Des Moines, of Bill Bryson fame

>From: "RUSS ALLISON" <>
>Subject: RE: bone marrow aspirates
>Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 18:01:21 GMT0BST
>We used to (and still do when necessary) wrap small bits in toilet
>paper, loo roll, bog paper, whatever you may call it, of the type that
>has the appearnce and feel of "grease proof" paper.  I think it was
>sometimes sold with disinfective "in" it.
>Very ineffective for its intended purpose, but great for processing.  I
>would tell you how to fold it, but my keyboard skills are inadequate.
>Whenever staff went on holiday, they were charged with stealing
>spare sheets (they came interwoven in a packet, rather like some
>tissues now).
>My raidrs were so successful, that we have enough to see me well
>beyond retirement.
>p.s. I have just passed 27 yrs!
>Russ Allison,
>Dental School

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