RE: bone marrow aspirates

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I have since time immemorial thought that the tea-bag paper would be ideal for wrapping specimens, but never  got close to a source, and never tried recycling!
Glad to hear my suspicions were correct.

Interesting subject - fixation of bone marrow. I have worked in places where all sorts have been used, most commonly of course, formalin, that all time  favourite and useless fixative. What is interesting is that what works in one place doesn't in another. In Oman I was introduced to 15% alcoholic formalin, which gave brilliant crisp results. When I moved on and tried it elsewhere, zilch, no better thab watery 10%!
This geographic phenomenon applies to other things as well, and I'm sure I can't be alone in noticing this. If I am, it must be imagination:-)

Terry L Marshall
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

I once worked in a lab where we fixed bone marrow aspirates in Bouin's, then 
processed them in an empty tea bag. We used the bag as a filter, then 
wrapped it up, put bag and all in a cassette and processed it. Worked pretty 
David Anderson

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