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From:Mary Lou Norman <>
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I've been told the beak is keratin. I had to do a hoof recently and
honestly had no luck with Nair. I did put this bird head in EDTA since I
have to cut through. I was able to cut off some of the beak because I'm
starting near the nares.  I have put a dollop of Nair on the block for an
overnight soak.

if you could tell me exactly how you use the Nair that would be great. I
have read that it works, I'm just in that 'other' lab.

Thanks for all the help,
Mary Lou

At 14:42 2000-04-24 -0400, you wrote:
>Mary Lou,
>Do you know if the beaks are keratinized, a type of bone or tissue type they
>are considered?  It would help to have that info to help us help you.  Pam
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>Subject: archives and bird beaks
>Dear Histonetters,
>I haven't been able to open up the archives (are they down or is it my
>computer?) so here's my question: What would soften bird beak enough for
>sectioning?   I need to step-section through a mature house finch head.
>Thanks for your help.
>Mary Lou

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