RE: How does your lab do it?

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From:Brown Alex <>
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          With the exception of small biopsies ( endoscopic, needle biopsies
etc ) we trim the blocks and place them on a cold plate.
We have one person trimming, who then puts the blocks onto the cold plate,
and then two people cutting ( sometimes two cold plates and three cutters ).
All the microtomes are aligned the same.  It's a bit like a production line,
but we find it quite efficient, and cut anywhere between 200 and 350 blocks
a day.  There's a 'natural' swop over between staff due to coffeee breaks
etc., so the same person isn't doing the same task for most of the day.
We're all very 'flexible' , though some more than others :)
	Alex Brown
	Crosshouse Hospital
	Kilmarnock, Scotland.

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