RE: Glove reaction (possible different etiology)

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From:"Kellar, Eric" <kellarec@MSX.UPMC.EDU>, "'pam plumlee'" <>

I had a similar contact dermatitis on my palms and between my fingers, and
showed it to my Dermatopathologist. I was concerned that it may also be my
new nitrile gloves or some other chemical in the laboratory. He diagnosed it
as being caused by a hair product that I was using (applying it to my palms
and rubbing it between my fingers before applying it to my hair  - it
contained nettle and I happen to be allergic to nettle. He was right!  After
a few cortisone applications and discontinued use of the hair product ...all
was back to normal. 

Eric C. Kellar

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> Sent: 	Thursday, April 27, 2000 11:10 AM
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> Subject: 	Glove reaction
> Good morning:  I've had a reaction in the past few
> months on my palms and inbetween my fingers.  I get
> little white and red blister like bumps that take
> quite a while to dry up and go away.  They do not
> itch.
> I've been wearing gloves for about 20 years and never
> had a problem.  When this started I was wearing a
> combo of regular powder free latex and nitrile.  I
> thought I might be having a reaction to the latex so I
> switched to nitrile only.  After going through 2
> brands of nitrile its still happening.  Anyone out
> there have this problem?  Any suggestions or
> solutions?  Thanks for your time, Pam
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