Looking for sources of human tissue for research

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From:Victoria Baker <vbaker60@yahoo.com>
To:HistoNet Server <HistoNet@pathology.swmed.edu>
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I'm in need of a source for human tissue.  We would
like to get the tissue in blocks, not slides.  Because
of all the restrictions and legal issues it has been
difficult (and VERY expensive) to get it.  At the
moment we are looking for prostatic cancers, but will
be looking for other tissues in the future.  

This is strictly for research purposes.  Our research
deals with rat and mouse tissue only, but some of our
studies are advancing where we need to look for human

We would prefer not to get it from a corporation, but
from a hospital or similar facility.  If anyone can
help or give me some information it would be greatly


Vikki Baker
American Health Foundation
One Dana Road
Valhalla, New York

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