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From:Patricia Bourne <p_bourne_14526@yahoo.com>
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Good morning everyone....I would like to know from
various places what is the average workload time
factor you give per slide stained by
immunocytochemistry.  The old CAP workload code listed
13 minutes per slide...how does that fair today.  I
would also like to hear from places doing 10,000
slides per year to hear how their lab is arranged
(staining by hand, how many pieces of equipment etc). 
I have looked several places on the net but have not
found any stats.  We stained over 19,000 slides
(15,000 IHC, the rest in-situ, IF, enzyme
histochemistry and research projects)  last year with
2 FTE and four months out of that there was only 1
FTE.  My boss feels that we should be more productive.
 We do all staining by hand and make all our reagents.
 Any thoughts.  Thanks in advance for your input....

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