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Fellow histologists: recently someone had asked about CJD and how to 
decontaminate after it...PLEASE be careful...."It represents an extra danger, 
however, because it remains infectious even after treatment with most 
detergents, formalin, tissue processing to paraffin blocks, or agents that 
degrade DNA or RNA. This agent can be inactivated by phenol, by 5.0% sodium 
hypochlorite (CLOROX bleach-full strength) and by autoclaving at 121 degree 
centigrade and 20 psi for 60 minutes. Some researchers believe similar agents 
may remain infective even after the above treatment." CJD is a prion. it is 
not alive but lives on...... (the quote was taken from a lecture at NSH 
meeting 1999 by Jerry Fredenburgh/ Richard Allen Scientific. 

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