CJD cases

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Hi All, 
     We had some questions arise this morning in our histology lab in 
relation to a possible  CJD case. First of all, does 96-100% formic acid 
render the virus inactive and is it ok to run a possible CJD case after it's 
been treated with formic acid with other surgical biopsies on the same 
processor without the risk of contamination to the solutions and the other 
tissues? Also, as far as decontamination goes, is a 10% bleach solution 
enough? In speaking with our OESO department this afternoon, they mentioned 
an article published by the CDC  in May of 1999 that stated a either a 6N 
NaOh or a 2N NaOh should be used for treatment of tissue prior to processing 
and using the 2N NaOh as the decontaminating solution. Also, one more 
question regarding where the tissue should be treated. Is it ok to treat the 
tissue in a histology lab under a hood or should it be done in a "gross only" 
room or autopsy suite? Thanks in advance for the information........ 
   Donna B. 

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