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In my lab they do turn around studies once a year for a two week period.   
Fortunately, there are lab assistants available to cut them and keep track of 
all the times.  On the log sheet, they write down  the patients name (until a 
surgical number has been assigned to it), what time they got the call that 
the frozen was on its way, actual arrival time, how many blocks, and what 
time the dx was called to the OR.  The OR is one floor down and on the 
opposite end of the hospital as well.    If there is a tech or lab assistant 
available around where your pathologists are, maybe one of them can assist 
and record times?  Or if your paths prefer, just write down the times on each 
frozen requisition right when they get it to calling it to the OR.  Just a 
though.  Good luck!!

HT Apprentice

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