Re: trypsin digestion

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From:Debbie Pepperal <>
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Hi Timor

We use 0.1% trypsin in PBS or TBS at 37'C for 15 mins. However, you may
change times and temperatures to suit a particular antibody signal. We
sometimes incorporate calcium chloride in our trypsin buffer ( same
concentration as the trypsin); aids digestion for certain antibodies to
work optimally. There are a few enzymes worth rying when optimising; Ficin,
Pronase, Proteinase K etc... They all have different digestion strenghs.
Have fun .

Zenobia Haffajee
HAPS, Newcastle, Australia.
>Hi everybody!
>I need various suggestions to do the trypsin digestion of my slides. I use
PBS 7,4 and I'm going to digest my Ber-EP4 slides.
>Remember I'm a beginner, so sorry if my questions are stupid and not well
>Thanks in advance!
>En adress f#246#r livet registrerar du p#229#

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