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Multiple freeze - thaw cycles are one of the best ways that I know of to
destroy the antigenicity of antibodies.  Self defrosting freezers are
one of the worst places to store your antibodies.  Every time an
antibody is thawed and refrozen a certain amount of antigenicity is
lost, with some, as much as 50%.  Any antibodies that we use
infrequently are store in a -80oC freezer and they keep well for

"Molinari, Betsy" wrote:
> Hi Mr. Hawkins,
>  Maybe some other histofolks can confirm this or dismiss this theory. We
> store antibodies in the freezer and are worried that any unit with a
> self defrost cycle will alter the temperature inside the freezer
> damaging the antibodies. We did look into buying a fridge from places
> like Sears, Conns, etc. but could not find any (as Gayle pointed out)
> with manual defrost. We have contacted VWR and will call Jewett,Fisher
> and Allegiance.Any comments on this auto/manual defrost theory? Fact or
> fiction?
> Betsy Molinari
> Texas Heart Institute
> 713-794-6524
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> > I recently replaced a troublesome lab refrigerator with an
> > inexpensive top-freezer Kenmore unit on sale at Sears, seen
> > at Sharpstown (where they're the only store open) and ordered
> > from Texas City.  It came with a 5-year warranty, and seems
> > to be just what we needed.
> >
> > Hal Hawkins, UTMB Galveston
> >

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