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From:"Jay Turner" <>
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Thanks for your reply Zenobia.

We're actually not using HIER or enzyme digestion at all for our antigen 
retrieval with the growth factor immunos.  We've been using a retrieval 
solution from BioGenex that is made specifically for acid-decalcified bone 
samples, which we have had good luck with in the past, and are blocking with 
3% powdered milk in 1% BSA.

I don't think the nuclear staining that I mentioned, which shows up in 
addition to the expected cytoplasmic stain, is a result of over-retrieval.  
Similar results have been reported in articles I have found and appear to be 
accepted, I just can't seem to find an explanation as to why this might 
occur.  Could IGF-1 have nuclear receptors, which could explain this nulcear 
staining?  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Jay Turner
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University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
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>From: Debbie Pepperal <>
>To: Jay Turner <>
>Subject: Re: immuno staining
>Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 14:24:55 +1000
>Hi Jay
>  Just as a thought, are you pretreating your sections using microwave
>retrieval ? Sometimes the tissue tends to get overdigested, opening up more
>antigenic sites than necessary. Have you tried blocking steps; normal serum
>or even an avidin / Biotin block? My 2 cents worth; hope your results are
>Zenobia Haffajee
>HAPS, Newcastle, Australia
>At 02:04 PM 03/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >I am running an immuno. stain to insulin-growth factor 1 in the fracture 
> >a rat femur.  I finally have good results and the stain looks nice.  I am
> >using DAB and I am getting some of the cells stained in the nucleus.  I 
> >seen this before in some old references.  IGF-1 should be staining in the
> >cytoplasm or matrix, is there a reason why IGF-1 would stain in the 
> >  The pathway doesn't appear to create this situation, does anyone know 
> >this might occur?
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