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    We gross all of our specimens. They are all mostly biopsies and small
specimens. No colons or mastectomies. The pathologists only look on when
there is a question or an unusual specimen.
    I am actually uncomfortable with this however. If I were the patient I
would want the best trained people to at least be in the same room as my
specimen. I understand that grossing small biopsies is very simple, but
there are alot of inferences that a doctor can make grossly to aid their
microscopic evaluations. I have seen problems caused that would have been
prevented if the doctor was grossing. On the other hand I have seen doctors
goof up too :-)
    The starting salary here is (I think) $36,000. This is mostly due to the
area of the country though.
Amos Brooks

hkcormier wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am a recent subscriber and I have greatly enjoyed the information
> flying back and forth.. I was curious.. how many of you histotechs out
> there gross in path speciemens also? I am a histotech who has gradually
> taken over most of the grossing in at our hospital.. we are small and do
> only general surgicals (about 4500 surgicals last year). I am finding
> that as I take a good look around..I am doing more and more!!! ( we all
> are now a days ) So when I am up for my next evaluation.. I'd like to
> know who else grosses in.. and what are the salary grades ( ie "ranges"
> 35,000 to 45,000 for a grade 10 histotechnician, who grosses in. ) I'll
> post any feed back I get on the histonet. Thanks!!
> Kathy Cormier
> Histology Supervisor
> Heywood Hospital
> Massachusetts

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