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We have a Tissue Tek embedding centre, which does not support electrically heated forceps. Before purchase, we tried the Shandon, and some of the users liked the heated forceps. Our Tissue Tek rep was able to source some 'standalone' heated forceps.

The company supplying them is Speci Microsystems,
PO Box 14,
England, SM5 3TJ

Tel +44 372 724527

From reading the Speciceps manual, I'd guess that making the Shandon forceps work would need something more than just a regular stepdown transformer. AC current is required for the Speciceps ones.

Hope this helps, Richard

>>> DDA.RFC-822=histonet(a) 03/31/00 09:51pm >>>
Has anyone tried the heated forceps on the Shandon embedding center??  How
do they work??  Also has anyone just bought the heated forceps and tried to
rig them up to work.  I don't need a new embedding center but if these
heated forceps really worked and there was a way to make them work without
buying their embedding center it would be nice.  Any thoughts??   thanks,


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