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From:Geoff McAuliffe <mcauliff@UMDNJ.EDU>
To:Atoska Gentry <>
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Atoska Gentry wrote:

> >Help Pam Marcum, Gayle Callis and/or any of you other frozen brain sections
> >experts.  Now that we are finally getting decent readable sections another
> >problem surfaces.  After completing my H&E's the nuclei are very visible
> >but can any of you recommend a stain/stains that would reveal cell margins
> >(i.e. whereby astrocytes, and glial fibers are distinguishable)?  thanks,
> >Atoska
> >

    Well, H&E really is not a very good stain for CNS, all one "gets" is nuclei,
as you have discovered. Try one of the Nissl methods, Cresyl Violet or Thionin
are easy. Neurons and glial nuclei will stain. If you want to see astrocytes you
can try Mallory's PTAH or Cajal's gold chloride sublimate but these don't
combine well (at all?) with other stains. You could combine a Cresyl violet
with Luxol Fast Blue for myelin if you like.

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