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We have been using the Shurmark slide labeler for about two years. In the days before the labeler we would put the tech initial on the slide, but would cover them up with a paper label. When we stopped using the paper label it became an issue. We did not want to confuse the path with initials on the slide. They might think DS was a specimen. We instead flipped the slide over and wrote on the back side. This worked for all the ColorMark slides except the white with the black backing. On those we used a pick or a diamond pen. We recently started using a marker to write the tech initial in the paraffin on top of the block. This has been more efficient. While they wait for their slides to print they mark the blocks. This suggestion came from a new tech. Apparently in her previous lab, each tech had a color and would just put a big dot or "X" on the block. We have too many techs and couldn't find enough marker colors. We did find the "Marks-A- Lot brand of marker worked the best for us. Some of marker would just bead up and smeared to easy. 

We also send our slides to other campuses and it is easier to identify quality issues because the blocks are here. It gives us a better chance of telling which microtome it was cut on when doing recuts. We also put a dot at the end of the case number to indicate that a recut was done. Sometimes our residents and paths get their lines crossed and order recuts twice. We can quickly tell that it has already been done. 

The labeler has been a tremendous time saver for us. 

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Hi All,

     We would like to know from those of you who have the Shurmark slide labeling system, do you have the techs initial the slides they cut? If not how do you troubleshoot errors? etc. 

     Those of you who do not have the Shurmark, are you initialling slides or simply recognize the handwriting?

Thanks in advance,

Lynn Dize,
Piedmont Hospital
Atlanta, GA

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