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From:Mary Stevens <>,,
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Hi all,

I wonder if the salary survey you are asking about is for Histology personnel in Research vs the published ASCP survey?  If so, I offered to compile information - however, after my original offer went out, and i didn ot hear yeah or ney I thought the interest level was low, or I was not the person associates thought to be the best contact for such a survey.  

Is the interest out there for Research personnel?  If so, let me know, my offer stands.


Mary  Stevens BS, HT(ASCP)
Bone Histology Supervisor
Genetics Institutue
1 Burtt Road
Andover, MA  01810
phone 978-247-1667
fax 978-247-1389

>>> <> - 3/31/2000 6:44 PM >>>
I, too, have not seen those survey results.  Will whomever has it please 
forward on a copy to me as well?  Thank you!!

MCFisher, HT Apprentice

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