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A couple of comments regarding the survey(s) on the net.  

There has been a recent salary survey conducted and published by the ASCP BOR.  Could someone on the net who knows the publication citation please send it out to everyone - I have lost track of it.  This should provide people the information re:  salary, vacancies, etc - for their clinical labs.  I don't believe it covers all the questions that Karla is asking about (block count, shift differentials, etc). 

I apologize if the information I provided was not explicit enough and caused some confusion, but it was called the  "Research Salary Survey" .  Also, as stated in the opening sentence states:  

"Below is a survey for histology personnel who's main job focus is
research (i.e the work you do is for the research, development, efficacy,
safety and toxicological assessments of potential drug therapies, or other
interventions such as implants, tissue generation, etc."  

So far, I've rec'd and recorded information from ~75 respondents.  My target # of respondents is 300 - so keep the data coming!  Thanks to everyone who's participating, the results will be telling!

Thanks everyone -

>>> "Carson, Karla" <> - 4/7/2000 6:16 PM >>>
Seems to be some confusion regarding the salary survey and if it is for
research only.  I will compile answers for clinical settings to these

1.	Salary range for certified HT and HTL
2.	Salary range for techs not certified
3.	Number of techs in lab (FTE and PTE)
4.	Average Daily Block count
5.	Also do IP's?
6.	Start time - also expected time for first slides out
7.	Shift differential
8.	Anything else you would like to add.

You may send this just to me if you want and I will compile information.

Karla Carson HT/HTL (ASCP)
Regional Pathology Supervisor
Mercy Health Care Sacramento
e-mail <> 

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