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PLEASE -- to maintain your confidentiality - respond ONLY to sender, or create a new message to me with your answers.


>>> Mary Stevens <> - 4/3/2000 3:36 PM >>>
** High Priority **

Below is a survey for histology personnel who's main job focus is research (i.e the work you do is for the research, development, efficacy, safety and toxicological assessments of potential drug therapies, or other interventions such as implants, tissue generation, etc.  

Please take a moment to answer the 12 questions below and reply by 4/20/00 (almost as long as the U.S. Long Census Form!!).  I will compile responses, and send them out via the histonet and VIR.  If you do not fit into one of the categories, please feel free to ad-lib a short response.  

Replies may be emailed or mailed to, no faxes please:
Mary L. Stevens
Genetics Institute
1 Burtt Road
Andover, MA  01810

1 reponse per person please.

Survey for Research Histology Personnel
(All responses will be kept confidential)

1.  Type of Research your facility is most closely identified with:
Contract Facility

2.  In what State is your facility located?

3.  What type of work do you perform (choose all that apply to current job)?
Animal (what species?)
Tissue collection/necropsy/grossing
Routine (Paraffin, frozens, H&E's, special stains)
Investigative (Immuno's, In situ, PCR, laser capture, etc)
Orthopedic (MMA, PMMA, GMA,  etc)
Implants (all types)
Electron Microscopy
Imaging (morphological assessments)
Image Analysis (morphometrical assessments)
Other (please describe) 

4.  How many years of Histology experience do you have (include clinical and research)?

5.  How many years of Research Histology experience do you have?

6.  What is your highest level of education?

7.  Are you ASCP certified?  If yes, in which areas?  Number of years?

8.  Are you an associate or supervisor?

9.  If you are a supervisor, how many direct reports do you have?  

10.  If you are the supervisor, how many (if any) vacancies are currently in your lab?  How long?

11.  How long have you been in your current position?

12.  What is your current salary?

Replies may be emailed or mailed (please do not duplicate your response):
Mary L. Stevens
Genetics Institute
1 Burtt Road
Andover, MA  01810	

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