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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> Gayle, <p>The dropper tops can be easily removed.  We jusr measure out the reagents and mix them in a disposable plastic container and then incubate our samples.  If you wanted to use dops, you could pick up cheap plastic droppers.  The ones in our stock room are so cheap the sides offer almost no resistance!  As for the A & B vials now without the dropper tips--1) you could just slip the tips back in, or 2) leave them out, but warn everyone that they are out! <p>That's my $ 0.02.  Did you ever notice that the "cents" symbol is not on computer keyboards? <p>Bret Morrow <br> <i></i> <p><i>Date: 11 Apr 2000 14:39:07 -0500</i> <br><i>From: Gayle Callis <></i> <br><i>Subject: Putting the "squeeze" on, it has come to this!</i><i></i> <p><i>Help,  I need to know some opinions on an AEC kit, to replace mine.  I love</i> <br><i>the reagents and the results, but can no longer tolerate the little hard</i> <br><i>sided squeeze bottles!  It it just too painful to deal with, and would like</i> <br><i>to know of another AEC that is as good as Vector's. Hopefully, they are</i> <br><i>looking in, and also in the future get rid of those little bricks we have</i> <br><i>to squeeze!  I rarely complain, well, almost! but this has gone beyond the</i> <br><i>beyond.  So it is switch, rather than fight! tossing in the towel! My</i> <br><i>finger joints will thank me.</i><i></i> <p><i>So recommendations please!  I would prefer a simple method of making it up,</i> <br><i>two step.  Tired of having sore fingers insulted by ergonomically incorrect</i> <br><i>squeeze bottles!  What a bummer! Other vendors should be "squeezed" into</i> <br><i>rethinking their packaging also.</i><i></i> <p><i>Putting the "squeeze" on after feeling "squeezed" myself!</i> <br><i></i> <i></i> <p><i>Gayle Callis</i> <br><i>Veterinary Molecular Biology</i> <br><i>Montana State University</i> <br><i>Bozeman MT 59717-3610</i> <br><i>406 994-4705</i> <br><i>406 994-4303</i> <br>  <p>____________________________________________ <br>Bret A. Morrow, Ph.D. <br>Associate research scientist <br>Associate clinical professor <br>Yale University School of Medicine <br>New Haven, CT 06520-8066 <p>voice 203.785.4515 <br>fax  203.785.7670 <br>email <br> </html>
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