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From:Roger Moretz <>
To:Mary Molter <>,, Histonet <>
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Well, if I gave the whole story, I could take up pages
and pages of e-mail.  And there were just so many
little episodes....  

The whole thing is very sticky when the offender is
the spouse of the facility director.  He was always
natty and properly cologned.  She, however....  The
one episode I will share was when I was waiting to
take the elevator to the top floor of the building
where some of the electron microscopes were located
(that's a whole other story).  When the elevator door
opened, out wafted the Mrs. Dr. (an MD no less).  The
stench was so bad that rather than enter and ride up,
I walked to the end of the hall and climbed the
stairs.  One person did approach her, she went to her
spouse, and he did a dance on the person's head.  So,
we endured for the next 12 or so years (well, they
kept on enduring, because I left for another

Roger Moretz

--- Mary Molter <> wrote:
> I missed some of the discussion, but I guess I'm
> assuming you're talking 
> about an odor problem. We're having a similar
> problem. How do we approach
> him without hurting his feelings? This guy bikes to
> work everyday...yikes!
> The other problem is that he doesn't wear
> antiperspirant because of the
> chemicals in it. Rumor has it that there's a can of
> deodorant in his desk
> drawer but no evidence that he uses it.
> How do you deal with someone like that especially
> given his beliefs? He
> holds a position of authority and most of us feel
> it's a pretty
> unprofessional thing to let himself smell that way
> in front of others.
> Any thoughts?
> --
> Mary Molter
> Sr. Laboratory Technologist
> Bone Marrow Transplant
> Cell Processing Laboratory
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> >From:
> >To:,
> >Subject: Re: Personal Hygiene
> >Date: Sun, Apr 2, 2000, 9:46 PM
> >
> > Our lab had the same problem a few years ago.  I
> had to sit down with him
> > (not too close) and have a very frank (and
> awkward) chat with him about the
> > problem.  It worked!
> > Mara
> > 

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