Re: Looking for B-5 Substitute

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To:Victor Tobias <>
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We have been using AZF Fixative as a substitute for B-5. It is supplied by
Newcomer Supply, Middleton, WI (608) 831-7888. It contains Formaldehyde,
Acetic Acid, and Zinc Chloride.

Gwen Hildebrand, Histology Supervisor
York Hospital
York, PA 17405

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Victor Tobias wrote:

> We are currently getting ready to do a side by side comparison of the
> different substitutes. We have samples from Anatech and BBC, are there
> any other vendors that have a B-5 substitute? Thanks for any info.
> Victor Tobias
> Histology Supervisor
> University of Washington Medical Center
> Seattle, Wa

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