Re: Isolated pancreatic islet cell sectioning.

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I have much experience with isolated islets while working in diabetes
research.  The easiest way of processing and cutting these tiny "organs" is
to embed the fixed islets in a matrix of 1.5% agar or polymerized alginate.
Simply process the matrix routinely to paraffin and cut away.  The islets
tend to sink while the matrix sets, so most of the islets will be found
along the dependent surface of the block.  I had no problem performing IHC
on these specimens.

James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service

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Subject: Isolated pancreatic islet cell sectioning.

> Hello everybody,
> A colleague is interested in conducting fluoroIHC for various antigens in
> isolated pancreatic islet cells.
> She has done cytospin preps but is wondering whether anyone has done any
> embedding and sectioning
> of isolated islets, and if so, how.
> Thank you in advance for your experienced advice.
> Melissa L. Hollis, M.S.
> Research Scientist
> Pharmacia (until recently Monsanto/Searle)
> 800 N. Lindbergh
> St. Louis, MO  63167
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