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---------------------- Forwarded by Karen K Dulany/Eppley/UNMC/UNEBR on
04/07/2000 09:53 AM ---------------------------

Karen K Dulany
04/06/2000 01:38 PM

To:   Luis Chiriboga <>

Subject:  Re: Histology Services: Rates  (Document link: Karen K Dulany)

Hi Luis,  I am writing from Nebraska so rates may be different in your part
of the country, wherever that may be.  Our business administrator has set
these prices kind of based on the amount of products I buy  in order to
offset supplies.  Every couple of years he raises the rates by about 10% to
cover increased cost of supplies and labor charges.  We charge the
following.  All rates include processing, embedding and cutting and
staining where needed. Rates are a per slide price.

H & E                                  $4.30
Serial sections                $2.46
Unstained                         $1.91
Recuts                               $3.10
Special stains                 $6.01
Immuno or Autoradiography          $8.32
Embed Only  blocks                         $1.91
Frozen sections                                  $1.91

I work in a cancer research lab so most of our tissue comes from animals.
I hope this helps but if you need anymore info, please write and ask or

Karen Dulany
Omaha, NE

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