Re: Famous victory - Braveheart 3 !!

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Re. Englans loss - it gets even better!!!!
A few years ago, they beat Wales in Wales for the first time in 20+ 
years.  After at last achieving that elusive victory, they refused to 
talk to the press!!!  Can you imagine?

Well re. my e-mail of yesterday about the Scots tanning their 
A***es, the English (who had aleady won the champioship despite 
their loss to Scotland) refused to accept the Champioship Trophy 
from the Princess Royal!!!  Boy are they arrogant when they win 
and namby pamby when they lose!!

Just thought all you neutrals (like me) would like to know of these 
little domestic matters in the UK.

By the by, the Princess Royal (i.e. Ann) is a magnificent and whole 
hearted President of the Scottish Rugby Union (or is it Patron?)  
Indeed, her son played for Scotland at schoolboy level.

Sorry if the UK Super Bowl bores you.

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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