Re: Ergonomics & the Histotech

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I think I would have to agree a little with everyone. Because every lab is 
run differently, and all people ARE built different, its hard to put your 
finger on it.
All I do know is that I have it, and I have been suffering for 5 years with 
it. I probably should have gotten surgery sooner, but I was afraid. We all 
have to take responsibility for our own actions.  
Reading about all the different labs and all the things you are doing to help 
yourselves makes me think we are making progress.
Its true that I never heard of RMD's 25 years ago. I was working at Columbia 
Univ. College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City at that time, and 
we had 8 techs. We took turns and shared in all the work. At that time, there 
were a few older women and they never complained about anything. We had the 
old grey AO microtome. As I remember, the counters were low and you didnt 
have to reach.
Anyway its interesting hearing about all the different labs and how you are 
all working on the problem.
Good luck to everyone.......

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