Re: Ergonomics & the Histotech

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This is true. But you also forgot to add medical ailments that have  a 
predisposition to these conditions. One is thyroid condition another is 
There are some people who smoke and eat bad all their life and dont get 
There are others who dont smoke, and get lung cancer. Our bodies are all 
and no 2 techs have the same interests outside of work.
If we have a weakness in this area, we will get an RMD, no matter what we do.
Too bad we cant be perfect at what we do, or have the perfect employer. Some 
employers make us think they are G-D, and we should be happy to be working 
for them.
Just my point of view......
        P.S.    How many workshops were given on RMD's, 20 to 25 years 

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