Re: Ergonomics & the Histotech

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           I appreciate all the e-mail from all the techs who are having 
multiple problems. I didnt think we were suffering that much.
        There must be some labs out there that are doing things right.
Can I hear from you. Do you divide the embedding, cutting, coverslipping, 
writing slides and other goodies that kill your hands.
Do you have slides that are prenumbered? Do you have a cassette numbering 
machine? I know many labs have autostainers now, but what about 
         Someone wrote that variety would be the answer. Sounds good, but how 
many of you are in small labs where you have to do it all yourself. 
         I know the microtome is not the only answer, we must change the way 
we work.
        I would like to hear from all techs, even if you do not have any 
problem.    (YET)

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