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From:Becky Scholes <>,
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>Subject: Re: Ergonomics
>Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 09:37:58 -0400 (EDT)
>Why do you suppose that those of us who spent many hours, days, and years
>cutting on the old black AO microtomes did not, and do not, seem to have 
>carpal tunnel syndrome that is so prevalent now?  Do some of you other "old
>timers" also agree with this.  I know that that sat much lower and were 
>comfortable to use than some of the newer microtomes, which require that 
>elevate your arms more.  That may be some food for thought in this for some
>of the current designers.
>Freida Carson
Frieda - I'm another "old timer" that used not the black, but the grey AO 
microtome.  I've never had carpel tunnel.  The pain that developed for me 
was a pain in my right shoulder after I used the 1512 Leitz.  It was 
relieved by standing up to microtome.  I tried a Reichart-Jung Biocut when 
we were looking for a new microtome, and my shoulder felt great.  However, 
my "squeaking wheel did not get oiled", and another Leitz was bought.  So I 
thoroughly agree with you that the higher handwheels have maybe been the 
culprit in the carpel tunnel dilemma.

Becky Scholes

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