Re: Ergonomics

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Standing up can help to alieviate the stress on the shoulders from having to 
be raised to adjust to a microtome that is positioned too high for the tech.  
The stress in the shoulders can cause those muscles in the neck and shoulder 
to tighten up and put pressure on nerves that can cause thoracic outlet 
syndrome.  Thoracic outlet syndrome can cause carpal tunnel.  Many times the 
carpal tunnel syndrome is related to the neck and shoulder area, and the 
problem does not stem from just improper use of the microtome with the 
arm/hand.  So for those that have carpal tunnel originating from the neck 
shoulder area.... corrections need to be made to take the stress off of that 
area.  So, I agree, standing can help in certain circumstances.  Removing the 
molding or drawer from underneath the counter of the leg space will also 
allow one to raise the chair so that one is positioned higher.  

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