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To:"Nocito, Joseph" <>
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    Could your concentrate be contaminated? If you have another vial, try
testing it and see if it continoues. If it still persists try the detection
kit, this can get contaminated in the same way.
Amos Brooks

"Nocito, Joseph" wrote:

> Ever say no to something then turn around and it happens to you.  My
> pathologist discussed some immuno problems with me today.  Yep, I have a
> Dako autostainer.  Yep, I'm starting to have problems.  Yep, I called Dako.
> That will be the last time I say "No, not me"
>         On another note.  I'm using Dako's monoclonal p53 antibody.  We're
> using breast cancer and colon cancer as controls.  We are picking up
> collagen non-specifically.  Even performing an Avidin-Biotin block isn't
> helping.  We re-titered the antibody so far out that we were missing weakly
> positive nuclei.  We backed off on the titer and now are picking up
> collagen.  Any ideas?  As always, thanks for your help.
> Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Histology Supervisor
> Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
> San Antonio, Texas

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