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From:Donna Simmons <>
To:HistoNet Server <>
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Per request from Zenobia Haffajee:
We have used Tago Immunochemicals [esp FITC gt anti-rb] for many years, and
our papers have referenced them in Burlingame, CA.  After various changes
of ownership in the company, branding issues, etc. the consistantly great
Tago antibodies are now carried by Biosource.  I don't know if they're the
exclusive agents for Tago brand, but suspect so.
	Biosource International
	820 Flynn Road
	Camarillo, CA 93021 USA
	ph: 800/242-0607
	fax: 805/987-3716
You'll have to check to see if the "International" in their name applies
down in Oz...
Cheers, -Donna

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