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From:Donna Simmons <>
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Dear Tom,
We have three ancient Reichert Jung [now Leitz/Leica] sliding microtomes.
They have a spring that controls tension the repeat/advance engage lever to
the notched drivewheel.    One of the springs became too stretched, and the
repeat thickness of sections was variable.   We have so far made do by
giving the spring an additional loop-over to increase tension.
The advice we received on replacement was to go to a good
machineshop/hardware store to find one of similar size [metric?],
composition [stainless steel?], and tension [most important!].    You might
seek the advice of your hospital's engineer/machinist.  They often have
catalogs for specialty machine items that can be delivered overnight.
Good Luck, and if you find a source, please let us know about it!
>Date: 3 Apr 2000 13:35:16 -0600
>From: "Tom T. McNemar" <>
>Subject: Parts for Leitz microtome.....
>Does anybody know of a source for parts?  I'm in dire need of a simple
>spring!  This spring apparently locks the knife holder and engages the
>advance mechanism.  Leitz says they have to come from Germany with a 20 day
>lead time.

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