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From:Marylou Pohl <>
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When we receive the request we place it is one of those plastic paper protectors
(not the slip in ones but the ones that open from the one side).  We keep it in
there while grossing and when that is complete, we take all the request slips
out of the protector cover and take them out to the clerk. It keeps the reqest
sheets clean for all to handle.

"Einfalt, Ginny" wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
> We have an ongoing issue with the pathology office about whether or not the
> office where the girls transcribe should be considered a clean area.  Since
> all of the computer requisitions are single pages, they are circulated from
> the pocket of the biohazard bag the specimen arrives in, to the accessioning
> table, to the grossing area, handled by the PA and passed on to the
> transcriptionists who believe that they work in a "clean area".  What are
> the protocols in other pathology offices?
> Ginny Einfalt
> Virtua West Jersey Hospital

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