Re: Acetic acid/picric acid in Bouins, fixative

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Lauren gave the right answers, and this is something people need to think
about, basic info on why additives/mixtures of fixatives are the way they

Acetic acid swells,
Picric acid shrinks,
Formalin does not swell and shrinks minimally

The mixture made so that  one chemical is 'balanced' with the other to
COUNTERACT these inherent problems, to retain a normal morphology.  This is
also true of Carnoys, 
alcohol shrinks, acetic acid swells, and the chloroform (not miscible with
water) removes fat.  

Sorry for a basic fixation lesson, but is was one of the first things
learned over 30 years ago.  There is also an excellent discussion of each
fixative agent in Sheehan and Hrapchaks Theory and Practice of

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>Subject: Re: Acetic acid !
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>Acetic acid by itself causes cells to swell, Picric Acid causes excessive
>shrinkage.  Strongly suggest you leave it in, but feel free to experiment
>with throw away tissue and find out for yourself in your lab's environs.
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>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for an answer to this question:
>> What is the role of acetic acid in Bouin's fixative and is it
>> essential to be included in the formula for histology?
>> Cheers
>> Gamal
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