RE: pneumocystis staining

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From:"Slap, Steven" <>,

Hi HistoNetters

This is an ideal application for a microwave silver stain (a modified GMS,
in this case).  Our protocol is available on-line at our web site.  For
those unable to access the web, I would be happy to fax you a copy.  

Best regards,
Steven E. Slap
Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
The Laboratory Microwave Company

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> Subject:	pneumocystis staining
> We have been having trouble with our  stain off and on.  Our routine
> fungus
> stain does not work so well on pmeumocystsis.  We purchased controls and
> follow their procedure, still no getting consistent staining. Also, it is
> a
> long stain.
> Does anyone have a quick procedure that has been  "faithful"
> Thanks
> Eileen

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